Mortgage Options

mortgage-options1. Pre-Approval: will make shopping for a house a lot more stress free and efficient. Together we will figure out a price range that you can not only afford but feel comfortable with. It allows you to shop for a house knowing that you are qualified to purchase it.

2. Home Purchase: Whether you have done a pre-approval or not, once you have an accepted offer on a property it is now considered a “live deal”. I can now work with you to get your actual mortgage approved. I will require the accepted offer to purchase as well as all other personal information that was needed for a pre-approval.

3. Home Construction: If building the home of your dreams is in your plans, I can help you out with that. There are 2 types of construction mortgages a draw mortgage and a completion mortgage. A draw mortgage is when the mortgage is advanced in portions based on how much of the home is built. Once it is completed to a certain stage then a portion of the mortgage is funded. A completion mortgage is when your home is fully built the full amount of the mortgage is funded. I will work with the home builder to see which option we need to pursue.

4. Refinance: If you have a current mortgage but for any reason are looking to increase it that is called refinancing. This can allow you to purchase a vehicle or consolidate other debt that may be at higher interest rates than your mortgage.

5. Renewal: If you have a mortgage coming up for renewal this is the perfect time to consider your options. Most institutions will want you to sign on the dotted line to renew your mortgage without really doing any research on interest rates. Allow me the opportunity to do the work for you so that we can find the best possible interest rate and save you money.

6. Rental: if you are looking to buy a rental or “income” property I work with various lenders that provide financing for that. I am here to explain the requirements and options so that you can be better informed going forward.

7. Home Equity Line of Credit: Is a flexible way to use equity in your home. The line of credit can be used at any time to make a purchase, consolidate debt or even to finance the property you are buying. It can also be available for future use and it is a revolving option meaning that you can borrow, pay it down then borrow again.

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