Mortgage Process

The mortgage process at a Broker is different than at a bank. As a broker I do the work for my clients to make sure they are getting the best interest rate instead of my clients trying to negotiate directly with the bank. What this means is I have institutions fighting for your business instead of the other way around.

My goal is to make your mortgage financing as stress free and informative as possible and I will be with you every step of the way. I will be here to explain every step from pre-approval to obtaining the keys for your home! I work convenient hours that will work on your schedule and will work over the phone or via email as I know how important the gift of time and convenience can be.process

1. To get the mortgage process started I will sit down and evaluate your needs so that I can properly recommend a product that will save you the most money and fit what you are looking for. It is best if my clients can bring to the meeting some supporting documents to save time and we can get your mortgage fulfilled as quickly as possible. Some recommended documents to bring are:

  1. Letter of Employment: which is a summary of your salary or hourly rate of pay and guaranteed hours. The letter should also be on a company letterhead with your start date and a signature and job title from the representative producing the letter. The letter will be alongside one of the following.
  2. Notice of Assessments: are used if you are a self-employed individual or have 2 years worth of commission income. We would require your last 2 years of the notice of assessments and they are produced directly from Canada Revenue Agency and sent out to you every year.
  3. Paystubs: Your last 2 recent paystubs which will indicate your pay period and rate of pay
  4. 3 Months bank statements: on the account that your down payment will come from

2. Now that I have all the required documents and have the application put together, I will review each lenders interest rates and product features to make sure you receive the best possible interest rate and flexible product features to meet your needs. Together we will decide what lender to proceed with and I will forward your application in to the institution.

3. Generally I will have an approval back in a matter of days and I will let the client know if any addition documentation is required.

4. I will work with you to satisfy all the conditions from the lender and once that happens I will sit down with you to sign your final mortgage commitment documents.

Whatever your mortgage need, I am here to help. My goal is to quickly and efficiently fulfill your mortgage needs while saving you time and money.

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